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About Joe's Homes

Joe’s Homes stared in November of 2021 with the purchase of 10 domains all with the relatively new .homes extension. The original plan was to run just those 10 websites as a way to distinguish Joe Luciano as the Realtor® to use in those markets. 

After some consideration, it became a matter of “Why stop at 10?”. There are now currently 62 different towns in Massachusetts that will be represented with their own specific website. There’s also currently plans in place to expand out to New Hampshire towns & beyond. 

While Joe’s Homes is the overarching connection and general brand for all of these websites, the idea is for each of the smaller sites to build their own presence in their respective markets. For example, Amesbury Homes will be considered it’s own brand in Amesbury MA and is just under the umbrella of Joe’s Homes.


Utilizing Social Media

A large piece of the puzzle behind Joe’s Homes is the social strategy across multiple platforms. The primary being: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube as the short and long form video content offers the best opportunity to reach the desired audience. 

Social media is often overlooked by local real estate professionals, and most of those who use it aren’t fluid in the optimizations and tactics. This offers an ample opportunity to take over online with a fully optimized web presence. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A large part of the idea to having town specific websites was the SEO within a specific niche such as a town (usually smaller). 

"Being on the first page of Google for certain search terms is like opening up a digital office right in downtown"

Who We Work With

Buyers & Sellers

We can help you buy your next home with ease or sell your current home to get the best price and terms

Realtors & Lenders

We partner with local Realtors and Lenders in certain markets to ensure you're in good hands throughout the process


We help builders market their listings through building a large presence for their projects online