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Amesbury MA Real Estate Market in 2023 (Best of North Shore)

Some of the highlights of Living in Amesbury Massachusetts, the current real estate market and its trends (As of January 2023), finally my thoughts on the future of Amesbury real estate and if you should move to Amesbury!

The Highlights of Amesbury MA

Amesbury is a really charming historic town with a lot to offer! It’s located on the North Shore of Massachusetts north of the Merrimack River and south of the New Hampshire border.

Amesbury is west of Salisbury, north of Newburyport and West Newbury, east of Merrimac and south of South Hampton up in New Hampshire.

Amesbury was first established as part of Salisbury & then became incorporated as a town in 1668. In 1996, it was incorporated as a city, though it still has a small town feel!

A few notable spots to mention in Amesbury MA

The Amesbury Millyard 

The Amesbury Millyard is a historic area located in the heart of Amesbury, Massachusetts. It was once home to several thriving textile mills, which played a key role in the town’s growth and development. Today, the Millyard has been transformed into a vibrant and thriving community, with a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural spaces.

One of the most striking features of the Millyard is its architecture. The mill buildings, which were constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries, are a testament to the town’s industrial past. They are made of brick and feature large windows, high ceilings, and exposed beams, giving them a distinctive and timeless appearance.

In recent years, the Millyard has undergone a major revitalization effort, with many of the old mill buildings being converted into apartments, offices, and other types of commercial space.  

Cider Hill Farm

Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury is the perfect destination for apple lovers! Pick your own apples, sample delicious baked goods, enjoy hayrides and farm activities, and learn about cider-making and more in this family-owned farm. A visit to the farm is an all-around educational and enjoyable experience for all ages!

Another big part of Amesbury is its’ Parks!

To name a few: Batchelder Park, Amesbury Town Park, Alliance Park, Woodsom Farm Park. Each great for its own reason, I’ll make a post on just the parks down the line!

Amesbury Riverwalk

The Amesbury Riverwalk is a scenic path that winds along the Merrimack River. It offers a peaceful spot to take a stroll, go for a run, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Lakes in Amesbury

In Amesbury you also have Lake Gardner & Lake Attitash, Lake Gardner having a nice little beach, Attitash having a public boat ramp & both a great way to spend a summer day in Amesbury for fishing or just relaxing!


Downtown Amesbury MA

Amesbury MA Real Estate in 2023 

Last year in 2022 Amesbury MA had 133 Single family sales which was down 10 from 143 the year before- about a 7% drop in the total number of sales. There were 138 condo sales, down 20 from 158 the year before which is nearly a 13% drop (12.66%)

Currently, as of the video being filmed, there were 7 single family and 7 condo listings active in Amesbury MA. Of the single family listings, 3 are from within the past week while the rest have been on for over a month.

The average listing price of the single family homes is $971,243, the average list price per square foot is currently  $408, and the range of the active listings is $354,900 – $2,325,000. 

The higher listing is a bit of an outlier for Amesbury explaining the average listing price of nearly $1,000,000 vs the typical low-mid 600s.

Of the active condo listings, 2 are new this week while the others are over 30 days on market. The average list price is $623,371, and the average list price per square foot is $356.

The average sales price last year for single family homes was $633,918 which is up ~11% from 2021. The average sales price for condos in 2022 was $467,347, which was up ~14.5% from 2021

Prices generally peaked earlier in the year and tapered down as the year went on and we saw the mortgage rates raise and general increase in market uneasiness yet we still saw an increase in average sales price from the year before. 


Main St In Amesbury MA

Amesbury MA Real Estate Market Prediction

Now that we’ve covered past and present stats for Amesbury, I’m going to briefly talk about what I think the 2023 real estate market in Amesbury will look like. I mentioned that we’ve tapered down from the peaks this past spring and early summer; I think we’ll probably see that taper continue.

I don’t think there will be a severe decrease in values as demand in Amesbury is still very strong and buyers will be waiting and ready as homes become available in their price point. Now all of that is great, but should Amesbury be on your radar of towns to move to?

Should you move to Amesbury MA?

The pros of Amesbury are a wide variety of restaurants, breweries and small businesses. There are lots of parks, & outdoor recreation. Amesbury MA has a great location, close to downtown Newburyport & tax free New Hampshire with access to both 95 & 495 for all of the commuters!

The cons of Amesbury are a relatively high residential tax rate at $16.34 per $1,000 of assessed value for 2023 (Which is actually nice to see that it’s down from $17.69 in ‘22 & $18.25 in ‘21).

It is on the further side from Boston (About a 45 min drive). Also the closest T-Line into Boston is in Newburyport so you’ll have to catch a ride or drive about 10 minutes to get access to the T.

Ultimately it comes down to your price point & what’s important to you so if Amesbury MA is a place you might be interested in moving to: Reach out & lets chat to figure out if Amesbury is right for you!

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