Joe Luciano

Joe Luciano, the “Joe” behind Joe’s Homes, is a Realtor® at Bentley’s Real Estate out of Newburyport, MA.  Joe is originally from Rowley, MA and has always had a strong passion for finance and the growth aspect of creating a business or building a portfolio. Real Estate became naturally attractive, both with investments and the potential for growth in equity.

Joe Luciano Realtor

Joe's Homes

Joe’s Homes started in December of 2021 after the purchase of roughly a dozen website domains with the homes extension. The original idea was to build a brand around 10 of the town specific domains as a way to focus on hyper local real estate. 

Websites, all independent of each other with the same goal, but for different markets. Each website is centered around a single town providing real estate listings & information around that town. By drilling down into each town, there’s inherently less variety in content and information to cover for each website. That allows each site to provide a concise and in depth resource for each town. 

Utilizing local SEO, it’s easier to target towns specifically versus a general area. It’s a hyper-local approach spread out across many markets.
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Currently, we have 5 active town sites along with acting as the overarching parent site. 15 sites are in the process of being built out, but we own a total of 63 town specific domains primarily targeting the North Shore and Greater Boston. 


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