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As a Realtor® led website, the mission is to help as many home buyers & sellers with their move. First reaching them by providing value through content and information up front.


Joe Luciano Realtor

Joe Luciano became a full-time real estate agent at 19 years old in February of  2021 and in November of that year (by then 20), Joe wanted to put some of his skills to work. After having an entrepreneurial past eight years, starting several websites from the age of 11 and trading stocks from the age of 14, it was finally time to get creative with real estate.

In that November, Joe acquired a handful of domains with the .homes extension (Amesbury.Homes, Boxford.Homes, Danvers.Homes, Ipswich.Homes, Merrimac.Homes, Newbury.Homes, Rowley.Homes, Topsfield.Homes, Saugus.Homes, Wenham.Homes, WestNewbury.Homes) The plan was to create real estate websites for different towns providing highly local information & content to narrow down into those precise audiences. As a way to keep them together & show that they’re connected, Joes.Homes was purchased as an umbrella to the bunch.

While building out the 11 websites  is certainly still in the cards, one of the main problems with building out 11 websites (12 including this one) at once is exactly that, building 11 websites at once. It’s a lot to manage & keep up with especially as large structural changes are needed on each. Another issue was that in trying to have strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a key part is creating lots of rich content. With 11 websites, that becomes incredibly difficult without having a full-time staff.

Without abandoning that idea entirely, a pivot was made to just focus on Joes.Homes so that content could be created around one website instead of 11 others. That’s where the Communities Tab came into play: each town has its own landing page on Joe’s Homes with an abundance of content. Joe’s Homes was now able to include a broader scope of towns without the limitation of if the domain name was available.

The chart above from Google’s Search Console tool, shows the progress that has been made since pivoting towards primarily Joe’s Homes. From nearly no traffic, to a steady flow of users (& potential clients) through organic search.

As Joe’s Homes continues to grow, the focus will then continue with the smaller sites.

What Sets Joe's Homes Apart

Joe’s Homes is in a class of its own. Most Realtors & brokerages default to outside marketing firms,  their website provider, or other outside affiliates to manage and understand their metrics. That’s of course assuming they have a digital presence to begin with. (Most Realtors don’t do anything outside of what their brokerage does for them)

Joe Luciano is a Realtor® with RE/MAX Bentley’s, but he’s much more than just a Realtor. After creating this website, he has an unparalleled understanding of real estate specific SEO & building an intuitive interface. With an extremely high attention to detail, patience, and ability to analyze the numbers, Joe has the perfect combination of skills to successfully guide and advise clients on the purchase or sale of their home.

Joe’s Homes is not just a website, it’s a brand with active social media channels. Primarily focused in video & keyword targeting through those videos.

Bentley's RE/MAX

Plans Moving Forward

Throughout 2024, the first goal will be to finish adding towns to the community page on Joe’s Homes. First finishing Essex County & eventually breaking into creating pages around Middlesex County & Suffolk County – The service area in full

Once Joe’s Homes is structurally completed with the many planned pages, the next goal will be to pick it up where it was left off on the town specific websites.


  • Amesbury.Homes
  • Boxford.Homes
  • Danvers.Homes
  • Ipswich.Homes
  • Merrimac.Homes
  • Newbury.Homes
  • Rowley.Homes
  • Topsfield.Homes
  • Saugus.Homes
  • Wenham.Homes
  • WestNewbury.Homes
  • BostonMA.Homes

Ultimately the goal will be to have Joe’s Homes be the primary site that all of the others are powered by. The purpose of the smaller sites will be to niche down even further into their respective markets and have a supporting role to Joe’s Homes.

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