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Haverhill is a vibrant and historic city located in Essex County, Massachusetts. With a population of over 60,000 people, Haverhill has a diverse and welcoming community that celebrates its rich history while embracing the future.

Haverhill has a rich history that spans over 375 years. It played an important role in the American Revolution and was once home to a thriving shoe manufacturing industry. Today, Haverhill is a lively city with a strong economy, beautiful neighborhoods, and a lively downtown.

Haverhill is a city with a vibrant arts and culture scene. The city is home to several museums and art galleries, and hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year. The Haverhill Farmers Market is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike, offering a wide selection of locally grown produce and artisanal products.

There’s a variety of unique neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality. From the historic downtown area to the scenic Riverside neighborhood, Haverhill has something for everyone.

Haverhill Homes For Sale

Haverhill offers a wide variety of home options for varying types of lifestyles. From historic homes with charming details, to rustic lofts, to new construction homes with modern amenities, Haverhill has it.

The city has a mix of single-family homes, condos, townhouses, multi-family homes, and apartments to choose from. 

Haverhill also has a number of affordable housing options, making it an accessible place to live for all income levels. Haverhill is one of the more affordable places to purchase a home in Massachusetts.


Haverhill MA Multifamily Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Haverhill Public Schools

Elementary Schools include: Bradford, Golden Hill, Hunking, Pentucket Lake, Silver Hill, Tilton, Walnut Square. Middle Schools include: Consentino, Hunking, Nettle, Tilton Upper, J.G. Whittier.

Districts: Haverhill High School, Gateway Academy, Greenleaf Academy, Bartlett School and Assessment Center, Moody School, Moody Pre-School Extension

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 As of the 2020 census the population of Haverhill was 67,787.

Haverhill has multiple zip codes, they are 01830, 01831, 01832, 01835 (Bradford).

Haverhill has a variety of transportation options. The city is served by the MBTA commuter rail, with two stations: Haverhill and Bradford. Bus services are provided by the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVRTA), with routes connecting Haverhill to neighboring towns and cities. Haverhill is also located near major highways including I-495 and I-93, making it easily accessible by car. Additionally, Haverhill has a walkable downtown area and is bike-friendly with dedicated bike lanes on some roads.

  1. Bradford: Located on the south of the city across the Merrimack Rover, Bradford is a slightly more rural neighborhood.

  2. Acre: Located in the heart of downtown Haverhill, the Acre is a bustling neighborhood with a diverse population and a rich history.

  3. Riverside: Located along the Merrimack River, Riverside is a beautiful neighborhood with many parks and scenic views.

  4. Rocks Village: Located on the northern edge of Haverhill, Rocks Village is a small, quiet neighborhood that has managed to maintain its rural character.

  5. Ward Hill: Located on the eastern edge of the city, Ward Hill is a primarily residential neighborhood that is known for its quiet streets and beautiful homes.

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