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Nestled in Essex County, Massachusetts, Rowley is a picturesque New England town known for its rich history, scenic landscapes, and close-knit community. With its small-town charm and convenient location, Rowley offers a serene escape while providing easy access to nearby amenities and attractions.

Things to Do in Rowley

Rowley offers a variety of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Explore the historic center of town, where you’ll find beautifully preserved buildings, quaint shops, and local eateries. 

Discover the natural beauty of the area by exploring the parks, trails, and conservation areas that surround Rowley. Take a leisurely stroll along the Ipswich River or explore the scenic countryside. 

For those seeking cultural experiences, the town is home to art galleries, museums, and a vibrant local arts community. Enjoy the charm and tranquility of Rowley while taking advantage of its recreational, cultural, and outdoor offerings.

Living in Rowley

Living in Rowley offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, community spirit, and a relaxed pace of life. Experience the warmth and friendliness of the town’s residents, who take pride in their community. Engage in local events and festivities that showcase the town’s rich history and vibrant culture. 

Enjoy the benefits of a well-connected community that values the preservation of its natural surroundings. Rowley provides a peaceful and family-friendly environment where neighbors become friends, and a strong sense of community is fostered.

Rowley Homes For Sale

Moving to Rowley

If you’re considering a move to Rowley, you’ll find a welcoming community and a wide range of housing options to suit your needs. From historic homes that exude New England charm to modern residences with contemporary amenities, Rowley offers a diverse selection of properties. 

Whether you’re searching for a single-family home nestled in a scenic neighborhood, a charming farmhouse with land, or a cozy condo with low-maintenance living, Rowley has something to offer every lifestyle. Embrace the tranquility and timeless appeal of this New England town as you make Rowley your new home.

Location & Nearby

Rowley is ideally situated between the stunning coastal towns of Newburyport and Ipswich. This prime location offers easy access to major highways, making commuting to neighboring cities convenient. 

In addition, Rowley is just a short drive away from beautiful beaches, charming downtown areas, and a plethora of shopping and dining options.

Condo Communities in Rowley

Rowley boasts a variety of housing options, catering to different preferences and budgets. The town offers an array of single-family homes, ranging from historic Colonial and Victorian-style residences to newer construction with modern amenities. 

Enjoy spacious yards, tree-lined streets, and a sense of privacy in Rowley’s residential neighborhoods. For those seeking low-maintenance living, there are also condominium and townhouse options available. Explore the range of housing choices in Rowley and find the perfect home that aligns with your unique preferences and lifestyle.

The town’s residential areas are characterized by their scenic surroundings, well-maintained properties, and a peaceful ambiance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Families in Rowley have access to quality education through: Triton Regional School District (TRSD). The elementary school is Pine Grove located on Main St in Rowley. The local schools prioritize academic excellence and provide a nurturing environment for students to thrive. See all schools in Rowley.

Rowley's real estate market is constantly changing. For the most up to date information, check out our Rowley Market Report.

As of the latest data, Rowley has a population of 6,283. With its small-town atmosphere and tight-knit community, Rowley offers a friendly and welcoming environment for residents of all ages.

The zip code for Rowley, MA is 01969

Rowley is well-connected to major highways, making it convenient for commuters. Additionally, public transportation options such as buses and the Rowley train station provide easy access to surrounding areas.

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